The Buttermilks, Bishop, CA (photo by John Wesely)

Climber. Artist. On the road.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a dentist. Or an engineer. Or a marine biologist... I didn't find my passion for art until my senior year of high school. And even then, I didn't consider myself an "artist". But after a grueling semester of freshman architecture classes, I realized that art was the only thing I actually wanted to spend my time doing. I finished college with a BFA in Printmaking from UF under the brilliant (and sometimes frustrating) tutelage of Robert Mueller, a man whose work and process continues to inspire me. 

After college, feeling a little burnt out on art, I turned the focus of my attention to rock climbing. I spent a lot of time in the Red River Gorge and Colorado, honing my climbing knowledge and technique. I opened an Etsy shop and applied to a few shows every couple months. As I began to travel more often I looked for different mediums that were easier to move around with. I began creating embroidery pieces that mirror some of the prints I was making in college. Climbing has taken me all over the US and even to South Africa. I currently live (extremely frugally) in a 13' Scamp camper and make money by working in restaurants. While the locations of my travels center around climbing, each landscape evolves my art practice as well. 

Currently: Lander, WY

My golden rule: "have nothing that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" -William Morris